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Written By RobertMaxfield

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You will have many experiences over the course of your IT sales jobs career in sales. There will be successes and failures, but you will also experience triumphs. 

Let’s face the truth, we are subject to more rejection than any other profession or career.

You need to have grit, optimism, a strong work ethic and a support system. Strong leadership skills are essential. There are so many things that go into selling, and we need to keep learning and improving. This can take years, if certainly not a lifetime to achieve.

When I was starting my career, I had one piece of advice that I wished I had. It dealt with the realities of being a successful salesperson. It is common to assume that all one needs is to dial the phones fast and hard, and then you will be successful. It devalues intelligence’s role in sales, and it could not be further from the truth.

One of my clients said to me, early in my career, that Melissa Raffoni was a friend. The client was the CIO of a large company. Another client, five years later, told me that she does business with her company and because she is authentic and cuts to the chase. We have a relationship in which I want to help both of you.

For those new to selling, my advice is the following:

1. Be authentic and be you

2. Prepare for everything, not just when researching the company (which is an old piece of advice), but also in planning your schedule. Know how you intend to use your client’s and your time.

3. Participate in the solution. Solving the problem is a term, but every person should solve it. It is important to listen to the prospect and ask them questions before you answer.

It’s important to understand your products and services, but it’s even more important to get to know your customers. This includes their business, their goals and how you can help them reach their goals. If the customer and their goals are not the main focus of all you do, you will not achieve the success you desire.

First, believe in yourself. You will face doubts and uncertainties when you take on new professional and personal challenges. This is normal, but it is important to remember that you can always have faith in yourself. This is the same philosophy I hold with my wife, my children, and my coworkers.

A new rep should be professional persistent and confident. Don’t lose heart! It is possible to find your niche and be successful if you are patient. You can use social media to your advantage as you can learn so much about your prospects and customers. This was something that I didn’t learn when I first started, but it could have greatly helped with initial outreach.

Although today it is easier to find resources, it is still beneficial to speak to someone who can help you understand your situation and offer specific advice. You can start in sales right away by finding a senior sales rep at your company. Or, you could attend a local Enterprise Sales Forum to meet peers. Then ask them whether they are willing to answer basic sales questions. They will likely be happy to help a new sales representative and be grateful for the opportunity to answer questions.