What does it mean to be a “CBC Business”?

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There are many benefits to becoming a Chartered Building Company/ Consultancy. Chartered status not only enhances your brand, raises your profile and sends a strong message to your employees that you value them and will help them reach their full potential cbc business.

Gain new Business and improve your Client Relationships

Clients are more likely to specify MCIOB-qualified project managers as a non-negotiable component of their teams. Your chances of winning bids or even getting on tender lists increases if your organization has a large number Actor business cards of Chartered members on its boards. You can show clients that you are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of professionalism and integrity when you follow the CIOB Code of Professional Conduct and Rules.

Raise your Profile

Our in-house magazine Construction Manager offers a 20% discount for cbc business advertising jobs. This is your chance for a professional boost in front of the entire international membership.

Access to the free tendering and certificate-of-completion templates will be available to you. This will allow you to demonstrate professionalism and quality to clients.

  • Your image can be improved
  • By joining the cbc business scheme, you have access to our marketing toolkit and permission to use the logo of the cbc business on all correspondence and websites.
  • A plaque will also be sent to you, which you can place in your office.
  • A holistic approach to staff training is recommended

We will introduce you to the Training Partnership program if your business is a cbc. This tailored, free service offers unique support for long-term learning strategies and development. It aims to help all employees become Chartered. For more information, please visit our Training Partnerships section.

Join an Elite Directory CBC Business

Your cbc business company will be added to the prestigious electronic directory of Chartered Building Companies and Consultancies. This directory is available on the CIOB main site and can be searched. The site will soon be enhanced by CIOB with refined search tools that allow clients to search for companies by specialty as well as by geographic region.