Internet Access As a Human Right

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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Internet access is considered one of the most basic and important necessities in life these days. People use the online media to facilitate some of the most important and useful transactions these days. Internet access has become so important that it is now hard to imagine life and businesses without the Internet. Have you ever imagined a world where Internet access is considered a basic human right?

The United Nations is currently pushing to make countries consider Internet access as a human right. The organization made the push when it started calling for universal access to important and basic information and communication services at the assembly of UN Administrative Committee on Coordination during the onset of the 21st century. The UN seems really determined to make it happen. Aside from that initial move, in 2003, it also pushed for the same cause when it addressed delegates of the World Summit on Information Society.

Have you heard of countries that already acted on the call? Currently, France, Estonia, and Greece have enacted and enforced laws that make Internet access as a human right. This surprises other nations, but for consumers who know how important and useful online media is, it is just about time. Many observers, analysts, and advocates are waiting for the time more other countries follow suit. It is expected that in no time, many other nations and governments would do likewise.

Millions of consumers and online users are logging online everyday to use and enjoy the services offered across the Internet. As the number of online users rise, so is the number of Websites that are currently operational. It is estimated that every hour, tens of new online sites are being developed and rolled out. Most businesses these days are putting up and strengthening their online presence.

What could consumers do while online? As mentioned, basic transactions could now be conducted and completed through the Internet. People could shop for clothes, collectors’ items, foods, gadgets, appliances, furniture, jewels, and just about anything through the Internet. Specific online sites could also sell concert, movie, plane, and even ferry tickets. Aside from shopping, people could also do basic banking transactions online, like depositing and transferring of funds.

What’s more? Entertainment could easily be accessed online. Some movies, videos, news streams, and amateur clips could be downloaded through the Internet. Computer applications and software could be electronically sold, sent, and downloaded online as well. Booking and reservations for accommodations in other cities and countries could also be done. Whatever transaction, it seems that the Internet could now make it possible for anyone to complete activities and payments online.

Internet access is made for convenience. Now, people do not have to leave their homes to buy anything. Online shopping sites could facilitate online buying and selling of goods and services. To most consumers, this could translate to big savings in time, in efforts, and in money. It is just not surprising why many users and consumers turn to the Internet for basic services and transactions.

If many people are now enjoying the usefulness and advantage of the online media, why would others be spared from enjoying the same perks and functionalities? If Internet access would successfully be made a human right, more people would surely enjoy and use it for their own benefit.