What is Blackle? How can it help you save energy?

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Roberson’s 2002 study inspired Blackle. According to the study, computer monitors that display colors use more energy than those that only use black and white. Heap Media, an Australian internet services company, created. Their goal is to make energy more affordable. Blackle creators claim that black screens are significantly more efficient than white screens for ART monitors. The constant backlight of CCFL-backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens has been shown to reduce color effects. Blackle can be used to reduce the energy consumption of computers without a constant backlight, such as OLED screens, plasma screens, and LED backlit LCD screens.

Blackle uses a black screen with white text to conserve energy. Black is less energy-intensive than white to display on computer monitors. Blackle can be drawing bases set as your homepage to save energy each time it loads.

Is Blackle the new Google?

Google says the answer is no. Bill Weil, Google Energy Czar, asserts that Google’s independent research on black backgrounds for monitors shows no reduction in energy savings. Weil actually claims that CTR monitors with black backgrounds can actually use more energy. Blackle has been criticised for many other reasons, including lack of transparency about the monitor’s effect on power consumption  doorables and manufacturer type and size.

You can also save energy with other ‘dark’ search engines

There are many ‘dark’ search engine options, with some offering more features than others. These include:

* Darkoogle has a black background and green and white text

* GreenerGle: A black background with green, white and blue text