Drawing Bases

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Another requested tutorial XD. I was unsure Drawing Bases how to present this effectively, as there are so many options.

How to Sketch Large Drawing Bases?

Drawing bases come with a variety of styles and sizes. Before I begin to draw a base, it is important to think about what type of base I want. It is common Chicken King for me to have a project or doll in mind before I start drawing a base.

  • Write down any keywords or ideas that come to your mind. Or sketch the idea.
  • My choices are: anime, jump, girl, and schoolbag.

I hope to show you the workings of some drawing bases in this tutorial. But I will start with an anime-styled larger base.

STEP 1==> Drawing Bases

First, draw a circle. It doesn’t need to be perfect, I just draw the outline of one. This will be the location for the head.

STEP 2==> Figure is Possible

A stick figure is possible. A stick figure can be used as a basic framework to help you drawing bases bodies. This will allow you to determine the proportions that you desire.

I draw a line from the shoulders to the spine. To indicate the hips, I draw lines at the base of the spine. Next, I add sticks to indicate the arms and legs. I use oval-shaped shapes to indicate the feet and hands.

Make sure the proportions are correct. Don’t be afraid of changing the proportions if your arms/legs/body is too long/short. If you feel that the head is too large, you can change the size circle.

STEP 3==> Jaw-Line

Draw the jaw-line. Here is my typical anime jaw-line. You can round the chin or draw any jaw shape you want.

STEP 4==> Around the Skeleton

We can now begin to draw bases around the skeleton. You might find it easier to draw them in a different color to the stick figure so that you can distinguish each piece.

Sometimes, I will split the body moon drawing into three parts: chest, middle, and hips. In this instance, I have only done the waist and the middle.

The majority of my body pieces are cylinders. Some are tapered towards top or bottom. For example, the lower leg tapers towards the ankle.

STEP 5==> Drawing Bases Body Sketch

It should be a quick step: remove the stick figure, and you will have your body sketch.

Here, I have also included a few things, including the neck and shoulders.

I also removed a portion of the circle from the head, where it was going in the face area, and added an ear.

It’s time to make sure you are happy with your overall look. Make some adjustments if you aren’t satisfied with the overall look.

While you can make adjustments later (e.g., slimming down the arms/legs/body), if the pose isn’t working for you, it will be difficult to alter that XD.