Typical Language Skills Development For Toddlers (12-24 Months)

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Many times parents are concerned with how a typical toddler language skills are supposed to develop. Often times, parents are unaware of the how their 12-24 month old’s language will begin to become noticeable. The aim of this article is to let parents know the typical language developments of a healthy toddler (12-24 month old).

In terms of the new toddlers language development there are some clear trends that become by this age. Some of the attributes that become apparent include the following:

The child will

1) Put words and sounds together into speech-like patterns.
2) Use one word to convey an entire thought; meaning depends on the inflection (for an example “me” may be used to request more cookies or a desire to feed self).Later produces two-word phrases to express a complete thought “More juice,” “Mommy bye-bye.”
3) Follow simple directions, “Give Mommy the spoon .”
4) Point to familiar persons, animals, and toys when prompted.
5) Identify three body parts if someone names them: “Show me your head, knees, ears).”
6) Respond to simple questions with “yes” or “no” and appropriate head movement.
7) Begin to speak with a 25 to 50 percent intelligible rate during this period.
8) Enjoy rhymes and songs; tries to join in
9) Acquire and use five to fifty words; typically these are words that refer to animals, food, and toys.
10) Use gestures, such as pointing or pulling, to direct adult attention.

These are some of the many things your toddler will begin to master in terms of language skills. If you find that your child isn’t doing these things, do not jump to irrational conclusions. Children do develop at different rates based on age and gender…when in doubt consult with your pediatrician.

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