Leadership Skills – Develop These 7 Traits For Becoming a Strong Leader

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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The success we achieve in every area we are in charge of in life, great or small, is determined by our leadership skills. If you learn these skills in small things they will serve you well in the more influential areas of your life as well.

Every one of us is given the opportunity to be a leader. Some of us are leaders in very limited ways because we have not shown ourselves to be good leaders. Others have been handed leadership over large areas but were unprepared.

To gain greater territory in leadership and to be an effective and prospering leader we must value leadership skills. A leader’s success is determined by the extent to which she/he has developed these characteristics.

7 Characteristics of a Great Leader:

1. Persistence. There will be hard times and there will be good times. Keep working at doing a great job, no matter what the circumstances.

2. Consistence. Know the basics of making your organization work. Be consistent in following through on the basics. The basics of the business are the things that bring results. Do you know what you must do to have results? Consistently work on those things.

3. Committed. Don’t be the kind of leader that gives up when the going gets tough. Commitment means doing whatever it takes to make things work. That may mean taking the responsibility for what others haven’t done. It means that if it was entirely up to you, you would do it!

4. Discerning. Know what helps you and the organization and what hinders you. Learn to eliminate the things that hinder you from achieving the results you want.

5. Understanding. What does it take to reach the top? Do you know the plan of action to reach success? Know your plan, understand it so that you are crystal clear on the steps you need to take to get to the top.

6. Knowledge. Knowledge is what you learn from the process. It’s learning from the mistakes and adjusting your actions accordingly. Knowledge is evaluating what is working well and enforcing more of the same. Knowledge is applying the wisdom you are gaining from your experiences.

7. Reverence & worship for the Lord. If you miss this, you have missed the most important aspect of life. You were created for an exciting and fulfilling life. If you ignore this part of leadership you will find your existence lacks meaning and purpose. Your life will seem meaningless.

On the other hand, when you include God in your life, your purpose becomes clear, your life is vibrant and exciting and the rewards are tremendous. God wants you to prosper and thrive in life. He will lead you to prosperity and make the journey more exciting than you could have imagined as He increases your leadership skills!

Here’s to the abundant success you were designed to achieve!