Types of SSL Certificates Explained

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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Persons interested in protecting data exchange of information will wish to do so by purchasing an SSL certificate. Perhaps, you have seen these types of certificates used in verifying information you are downloading from another site. In any event, the cyber-world would not get too far without the protocol. Further, the convenience of SAN certificates with respect to the SSL certificate makes purchase all the more convenient. When purchasing a SAN certificate you cover security for all of your hosted sites. If you have more than one site, make certain you purchase the SAN certificate. Certainly, when purchasing a certificate you will want to know what it is you are receiving.

SSL certificates are an essential security measure. There are several different types of certificates available. One is a dedicated SSL. This type of security certificate is useful for one domain as the name suggests. The SSL certificate, by way of technical explanation, is also referred to as secure socket layer. The protocol makes identification of a web-source and subsequent (secured) data exchange possible. Data is transmitted by way of encryption; and once reaching its destination is (subsequently) decrypted. That is the best way to put it, without creating a great deal of technical confusion. The certificate providing specifications of 128 bit encryption is the average. You can purchase certificates offering more protection; or less, and everything is relative with respect to (associated) cost(s).

The other form of SSL is referred to as shared. The shared SSL certificate is just as the name suggests: an SSL shared by more than one site. Accordingly, it is not as expensive as the dedicated SSL option.

The wildcard SSL is intended for websites with sub domains incorporated onto the site. In this way, not only is transmission of data protected on the main site; data exchanged is, as well, protected with regard to the site’s sub domains.

Free SSL certificates generally are not completely free; however, still, offer the lowest priced option. However, in this regard, if you are going to go the free route, it is advised you are comfortable with the integrity of the company supplying the certificate.

In conclusion, no matter which certificate you require, it is necessary within today’s world of potential cyber crimes to acquire an SSL certificate. You must affect just as much security within your virtual business world as you provide to off-line establishments. Purchasing an SSL certificate is always well-advised.

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