The Latest Updates in the O Level Chemistry Education in Singapore

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Every year, the department of education in Singapore brings out updates with regard to O Level Chemistry Education. They aim to keep the students well informed about the subject. They try to make higher standards for the O Level Chemistry test to make the students better in chemistry. The improvement in our technology calls for more advance skills and knowledge in chemistry. Many companies who are using chemistry for their basic operations call for new employees that have advance knowledge in chemistry. Students can join an O level chemistry tuition center to get more help with the subject. Here are the latest updates in O level chemistry:

Website For Your Research

To help students learn chemistry in a much better way, the O level chemistry Education in Singapore has given some websites to do their research. These websites gives the students more information about the O level chemistry test. The websites provided can be useful to give the student extensive research about chemistry.

How To Use The Periodic Table?

Tips on how to effectively use the periodic table in chemistry is very important. It gives the students a better way to use it to be easy for them to memorize and look for the elements they need, making sure the student is familiar with how the periodic table laid out. Periodic tables are numbered from I-VII, which are the group columns. The rows across the table are periods. At the bottom of the periodic table, you will findthe volume of one mole in a room temperature and pressure. Hydrogen and helium are the only two elements in the first period. The relative atomic masses and atomic number of  elements is shown in the key.

Students Should Update Their Qualitative Analysis Notes

Students should be aware of the following facts since they will be using it for their O level chemistry test:

  • Negatively charged ions are called anions while the positively charged ions are called cations.
  • Observe if there will be insoluble excess or not when aqueous test is performed by adding ammonia or aqueous hydrogen peroxide.
  • The term used for dissolved in water is aqueous.
  • The abbreviation for precipitate is Ppt.

Take Note Of The Terms That Are Being Used In A Science Paper

To effectively give correct answers in your test, you must know the terms used in a science test. Remember that you must only provide the answer that is asked on your test.

  • Deduce is used in two ways, which is finding an answer by using a theory or a scientific law. It can also be used by working out scientific patterns that you can later on draw your conclusions from.
  • Define is stating the meaning of the word or words given to you.
  • Calculate is used when a numerical number is needed for an answer.
  • Explain is used when you are asked to provide how you came up with your answer.
  • List is to make a list on how many was asked; giving more or less than what is asked makes it wrong.
  • Find is used in either calculating, determining or measuring.
  • Outline is used when you are asked to state the important points only or the main points.
  • Predict is used to give an answer on what you think might happen next or you need to work on the patterns or information that are given to you.
  • Sketch is to draw the pattern or graphs and diagrams.
  • State is giving a shortest possible answer without going into all the details one by one.
  • Measure is used to give the exact measurement using a measuring tool.

You have to be aware of the latest updates that will be given by the Ministry of Education for the O level chemistry test for you to be able to be ready. Your awareness will help you study effectively for the test. This is a way for the Ministry of Education to help the students make their studies in chemistry a little better. It gives the students idea on what to prepare for during the test and what to focus on in O level chemistry tuition sessions. This will be a heads up for parents and tutor on what knowledge a student requires.