6 Tips for Talking to Teens about Marijuana

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Attitudes about marijuana use and the laws restricting it are changing all across the country, but one thing hasn’t changed–it’s still illegal in all 50 states for teens to use vaporizers for weed or to smoke weed. Even in places where weed use is legal for recreational purposes, state laws prohibit the use of cannabis among teens.

It’s still important that parents everywhere talk to their kids about marijuana. Here are some tips to help you have a productive conversation.


1. Start by Listening.

A conversation involves talking AND listening. Otherwise, you’re actually lecturing. The best way to have a dialogue with your teen is to invite him or her to talk first. Ask what they know about marijuana. Ask if people they know are smoking pot. Find out what their opinions are, and what they believe to be true about cannabis. Then, use their beliefs and thoughts as the springboard for your conversation.

2. Make Your Expectations Known.

Let your teen know what you expect from him or her regarding marijuana use. Tell them why you believe what you believe about using a vaporizer weed pen or about smoking weed. Let them know that you expect them to abstain from all activities that are intended for adults only–including drinking alcohol and using cigarettes.

3. Explain the Risks.

Marijuana does have health benefits, but it has risks for teens as well. Using cannabis has been shown to interfere with learning and memory in some teenagers, and driving after using cannabis is dangerous. Let them know about the legal consequences of using marijuana–that using a joint or a vaporizer for weed could potentially cost them their future. Don’t try to scare your teen. Be http://www.ehumanlearning.com/lifestyle/restaurant-chairs-tasmania-cover/
honest, and don’t make any claims that can’t be backed up by scientific evidence.

4. Talk about Responsible Use.

Let your teenager know what responsible marijuana use looks like. Tell them that successful people who use cannabis do so in moderation on the weekends and that they obey laws and rules. Let them know that if they choose to use marijuana when they reach legal age, they will need to be responsible and do so in a lawful way.

5. Be Open about Yourself.

If you used weed in the past, don’t lie about it. If there were consequences to your actions, explain what those were. If you didn’t face consequences, let them know that you took a risk and were lucky not to have faced consequences.

6. Keep Talking.

It’s not enough to have just one conversation about cannabis with your teen. After your initial talk, bring it up from time to time. Use marijuana news stories, both local and national ones, as ways to discuss the topic.

Above all, avoid being judgmental. If your teen confesses to using cannabis, don’t punish him or her for their past behavior. Thank him or her for being honest and focus on how you expect him or her to behave going forward.

Reference: drugfree.org