SSL Certificate Benefits

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SSL Certificates, (secure socket layer) security is a must have for any online ecommerce website or any site which that wishes to accept payments. SSL certificates are a massive benefit to your website and your visiting customers. Gaining their confidence is very important and if you wish to be successful online. In this article we will be highlighting some of a SSL benefits not only to you but to your customers as well.

If you have an online business such as an online store it is most likely that you have head or SSL. A SSL is an online security encryption method used to keep data transferred on your site by your customers secure.

SSL certificates also give instant security and peace of mind to your customers as your site will show that it is secure either by displaying a padlock or a green address bar. We thought we would list some of the main benefits that come with purchasing a SSL certificate and how it helps with the protection on your website.

Server authentication

SSL certificates will keep you and your site protected and not just your customers. To work your website will use something called a server where all your information and details about your site are kept online and therefore you will need something called a digital certificate. When you purchase a SSL certificate you will be provided with a one of these certificates. Your customers and visitors to your site will then be able to read them. Digital Certificates are obtained from trusted third parties known as Certificate Authorities that can guarantee the encryption of your website. The certificate is proof that the server is what it says it is and you are who you say you are.

SSL certificates will make it almost impossible for online fraudsters to pretend to be another server on your website, making your customers feel safe and want to use your site again.

Private communication

One of the main functions of using SSL protection on your site is that it makes transaction conversations private. SSL certificates encrypt any data used on your site, such as credit or debit card numbers, PayPal details, login details into unreadable pieces of information.

SSL certificates will then add random numbers and digits to that information making it impossible to determine any details of value. Once your information has been transformed into a mass of characters, to enable the recipient of the information to transform it back to a readable format the website owner will have a encryption key that will allow them to decode the messages. Fear not if the information does fall into the wrong hands all the information will be useless.

Customer confidence

Customer confidence is perhaps the main reason why you need to have a SSL certificate in place on your website. It will allow customers to see and verify that you are taking the protection of their personal information seriously. Of course the average Joe shopping online will notice if a site has a SSL or for that matter what a SSL certificate is! This is why it is important to show and make a point of placing your SSL certificate icon on your site. Also another idea to inform your customers that you are using a SSL to keep your site secure is to place the information in your site disclaimer or T&C’s or take advantage of a certificate that has a Site Seal you can prominently display.

Customers will also benefit from SSL

When looking for a secure website or online company to spend your hard earned cash on, it is important for visitors to your site to favour yours over your competition. Websites with an SSL will protect any of your customers personal payment information safe and secure. As a visitor to your site, one of the the key things that will go through your head is if the site is safe to use and you will want to know that your personal information is as safe as it can be. By looking out for the SSL certificate you will know that the site you are using is safe and the online company you are using is safe and reputable company, and all your details will be safe and secure.

An SSL certificate will not completely protect you from identity theft. You have to play your part in being careful where you submit your information. But. Websites that use SSL significantly reduce the likelihood of any of your information falling into the wrong hands. It is important that we all play our part in keeping our details secure, and being careful where we shop online. Unfortunately today there are people are out there whose only intent online is to steal your information.

We hope you have found this article about SSL Certificates [] useful. With lots of places online to buy SSL certificates [] it pays to shop around to find the best deals.