Human Rights

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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I am charged of violating human rights
I am too charged for inciting mobs to fight
I am labeled as traitor for dreaming freedom
The history might have witnessed such incidence seldom

I am true and law abiding citizen
I believe in reviving the relation which is frozen
I too advocate the principle of “Live and let others live”
Truth and non violence are core principles and I truly believe

The sound and strong base is good for foundation
It is applicable equally for any nations
The true ideals and principles will be real criteria
The country will survive last with belief as inertia

The public opinion can not be subdued
Its impact and worthiness may be reduced
If such things are allowed to take place
It will be reduced to simple mockery and race

Not the ruling class alone can claim nationalism
It may be counted as one principle of idealism
Everybody has freedom of right to differ
Devotion, dedication and sacrifice in real times to offer

These are good words for being said than done
The real spirit behind it has disappeared and gone
It has become customary to project unreal picture
No one cares as it should have been done for the future

The poverty is real curse on the earth
It is feared most and worst than the death
The human being are forced to human treatment
The honest and sincere efforts are not seen as apparent

What can be done to alleviate the sufferings?
What can be contemplated as real offerings?
Mere submission to sufferings can not be the solution
Too much concentration of power must go for devolution

The absolute power corrupts all
Its elimination should be final call
If it is raised in proper way
The dream can not remain far away

The gentlemen and law abiding citizens should be charged with apathy
They have only quality and that is merely offering sympathy
The corrupts take full advantage of inaction and resort to injustice
The poor people and country has no other means to seek justice

This is the only reason they have framed the charge
I have organized the protest rallies and ably managed
The popular movement is gaining momentum
This has forced them to swing in action and not to keep mum

It is possible I may be put in prison
This can only be their argument or reason
They will not be able to suppress human voices for long
Time has come to assert self and prove them wrong