San Antonio College Offers Quality Education and Exotic Campus Life

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One of the five colleges that were grouped within Alamo Colleges, San Antonio College is located in San Antonio, Texas in United States. Apart from quality education it offers a very active and exotic campus life for students.


Campus life includes student clubs and organization, school pep band, radio station, student newspaper, club sports, Scobee Planetarium, art gallery, theater, music, and student center and billiard game room as well as cyber café. Health center, bookstore, library, counseling services, and academic advising are all available in the college.

Brief History

San Antonio College was established in 1925, and is one of the five colleges in the Alamo Group. Other colleges are St. Philip College, Northeast Lakeview College, Palo Alto College, and Northwest Vista College.


San Antonio College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Programs Offered

Associate degrees, certificate programs, and licensures are offered by the college. Four distinct academic programs are offered by the college, namely, professional and technical education, division of arts and sciences, distance education, continuing education, and workforce development. Professional development classes, youth programs, general education classes, medical administration, computer skills, and nursing courses are also offered.

Unique Features

Professional and Technical Education program has eleven academic departments while the division of arts and science helps students prepare for transfer to four year institutions. Another unique feature of the college is the wide scope for distance education and enlists in the directory of universities offering degrees online. In addition the college provides extensive law enforcement certificates.


San Antonio College follows open admission policy. However students who wish to enroll in one of the nine public two year colleges in the community college district must complete an application and also possess high school diploma. Apprentices defined by section 3077 of the California Labor Code and K-12 students with special circumstances are eligible for admission. Details of admission criteria can be viewed on the state university website.

Financial Aids and Student Services

San Antonio College offers multiple financial aids including the federal, state, local, and institutional grants, scholarships and student loans for the students. In addition student support programs and counseling are available. One can visit the college aid and support page or the state university website for details. Students can obtain assistance from the counselors in the college those provide guidance and assistance for the students.