Achieve Wealth and Health With Wealth Masters International

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Individuals seeking a new business may assess Wealth Masters International to be an attractive opportunity. The company offers a unique value proposition in terms of education and mentoring for individuals seeking to generate income and accumulate wealth via their own business.

WMI is a business model based on alliance marketing plus direct sales. People in every country on the planet are always searching for ways in which to empower themselves with financial independence and achieve a better work-life balance. WMI can be a vehicle for achieving those goals. Individuals may participate in WMI as members with minimal up-front capital. They will benefit from simple business systems, a dedicated 24×7 support infrastructure, attractive rewards, innovative marketing techniques and the ability to set their own timetable.

Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey established the company. Both these founders have rich and varied backgrounds. Kip has a financial background having spent fifteen years on Wall Street helping high net worth clients build their personal wealth. Karl brings a different perspective to the business having spent twenty-two years as an underground mine worker in Utah then switching into an A-team sales and marketing guru.

Kip and Karl started WMI in Texas during 2005. After only five years, it has a presence through alliance partners or members in about one hundred nations. WMI has designed unique learning and coaching tools to assist members achieve their maximum potential in their business and personal life. The vision is to propel people towards business success and personal health. It actions this vision with its printed and electronic suite of education products plus by stimulating the success of marketing affiliates to be a focus for new members. WMI tools members to make better wealth and health decisions.

WMI regularly arranges for leading experts to present and create valuable educational experiences for its members. All invited speakers are chosen carefully based on their specific knowledge and past successes. The objective is to ensure members are exposed to unique wisdom and experience. WMI makes available to members three program formats, each providing their own combination of resourcing and earnings potential.

The WMI Masters Program is the entry-level capstone level of participation at a cost of $1,495.

The next level of participation is the Wealth Conference. This program members unique access to high profile though leaders across a wide range of fields in business and life-style fields including international affairs, diplomacy, economics, government, medicine and alternative health. The program is valued at $8,495.

Highest participation comes through the Private Wealth Group. This module concentrates on personal development and life experience transformations at luxury locations. Participants gain knowledge from benefit from interactions with motivational, personal development and life choice coaches. This premium program component is valued at $12,995.

WMI members are rewarded for success through an innovative remuneration structure that generates both short run income and long run wealth. Members receive weekly sales commissions for their own personal sales success, monthly sales commissions based on the success achieved by members they introduced and, finally, a quarterly bonus.

Members that have committed to either the private wealth or wealth conference level also have the opportunity to earn revenue through additional channels.

Finally, Wealth Masters International issues members with credits representing entitlement to shares in the company ahead of a possible initial public offering in the years ahead.