Fasting Tips to Help With Weight Loss and Health

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This article will present some fasting tips to help make your start into fasting easier. Fasting has been done for centuries for religious, spiritual and health reasons. It has recently come into vogue in certain health circles. It holds many benefits beyond the most common one of weight loss. Fasting has proved to have many of the longevity and health benefits of caloric restriction without having to go through the long term deprivation of reduced calories.

I want to share some fasting tips to make fasting easier for you. Obviously if you have never fasted before it is going to be a different experience and like anything new, it will take some getting use to. From my fasting experience here are some fasting tips you might find helpful. It is important to be educated about fasting, to stay occupied when you are fasting and psychologically it is beneficial to eat once a day when fasting.

If you are properly educated about fasting it will not only improve your compliance, make you feel confident if any uncertainty arises but you can also help inform others of the benefits. Those in the know are aware that fasting does not cause your metabolism to crash, your blood sugar to drop, is not detrimental to short term exercise or even mental capabilities. Knowing this will make you a lot more confident during your fast if you experience any symptoms or if you have any hesitations about starting your fast.

One good fasting tip to start with is it is probably best to start with a 16 hour fast before working up to anything longer if you are new to fasting. During your fast it can be extremely beneficial to keep occupied. Do not become obsessed or focused on not eating. Use the break from preparing food and having to think of what your going to eat to be productive. Get some work or chores done. You will find if hunger pangs do arise while fasting they are often short lived and pass very quickly.

This is a great fasting tip. Psychologically I think it is beneficial to eat once a day while fasting. So schedule your fast to begin after breakfast or dinner. So you could do a 24 hour fast from breakfast to breakfast the next day or from dinner to dinner the next day. This means you can go a whole 24 hours without eating but you have had at least one meal on every day. Psychologically this can be reassuring.

If you are planning on getting into fasting I do recommend learning a bit more about it first. When I first started I got a lot of benefit from reading an in depth book about fasting that laid all my fears to rest. I hope you have enjoyed these fasting tips.

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