Advance Your Nursing Career with Nursing Leadership Jobs

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Nursing offers many specialties, one of which is “Nursing Leadership Jobs.” Individuals interested in this role will find that it fills an essential role within hospitals.

Nursing leaders are experienced nurses with an advanced nursing degree who can assume management or leadership positions within healthcare organizations. To be eligible for this job, nurses must obtain a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). With this degree, nurses have many exciting employment prospects within the field of nursing.

Job Description for Nursing Leadership Jobs

Nursing leaders are registered nurses who hold leadership roles within medical settings. With an advanced degree, these individuals can take on managerial or leadership positions within a healthcare organization. By combining nursing knowledge and leadership abilities, these professionals strive to enhance nursing practices within organizations while making it as efficient as possible.

Here are some of the different jobs you could pursue with a nursing leadership degree:

  • Nurse Manager – A management role that involves recruiting and training staff members, creating schedules, monitoring daily operations, as well as maintaining healthy records.
  • Nurse Administrator. Nurse administrators oversee nursing teams in healthcare facilities like hospitals or clinics. Their responsibilities include hiring and supervising nursing staff members.
  • Clinical Nurse Researchers. Clinical nurse researchers provide hands-on care to individuals taking part in clinical research studies.
  • Nurse Educator. Nurse educators focus on teaching other nurses within clinical settings, hospitals or universities instead of providing direct patient care.
  • Clinical Nurse Leader. Clinical nurse leaders provide patient care while acting in a leadership capacity within clinical settings, meaning they both provide hands-on assistance to patients and guide their healthcare teams.
  • Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) are senior leaders in hospitals, accountable for overseeing all nursing operations and patient care services. These individuals hold one of the most influential positions within healthcare.
  • Director of Nursing. Individuals in this position are accountable for recruiting and training nurses as well as overseeing patient care quality. They will oversee all aspects of the program and implement changes as necessary.

Medical Assistant Salaries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing leaders and managers earn an average salary of $104,280 in 2021. Unfortunately, due to the variety of jobs under this title, exact salaries cannot be determined; most positions range between $59,980 to over $195,630 annually.

Nurses with this degree typically enjoy higher salaries than traditional nursing positions due to the additional responsibility they bear. Furthermore, job prospects for nurses in this career field appear promising; many growing hospitals are seeking experienced leaders to help streamline operations.

For Example:

Many hospitals and large healthcare organizations are always on the lookout for nursing leaders to join their teams, as these professionals are essential in day-to-day management. Here is a list of organizations around America that are actively searching for nursing leaders to join their ranks.

  • The University of Missouri Hospital is seeking a Clinical Research Nurse for their Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center.
  • Middlesex Health in Connecticut often posts nursing leadership jobs. These positions range from full-time charge nurse positions to per diem supervising and teaching responsibilities.
  • Columbia University in New York is currently seeking a Clinical Research Nurse for their Pediatric Hospital and is always on the lookout for individuals with an MSN degree.

With so many hospitals looking to strengthen their management teams, there remain ample opportunities for nursing leaders across the United States.

Nursing Leadership Jobs Training and Requirements

To become a nursing leader, nurses must earn their Master of Sciencedegree in Nursing (MSN). After earning a Bachelor’s degree, nurses must have at least one year of experience and apply to postgraduate programs; typically entrance exams and an established GPA are necessary for admission into these competitive programs.

There is a wide range of specialties within MSN programs, depending on the desired career path after graduation. Typically, these programs can be completed within two years at an accredited university.