What Is The Key to a Bright and Satisfying Career?

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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Career is one’s course of life and one’s way of living; so when one chooses a career, it is necessary that they choose it with clarity and proper planning. It is important to choose a career that one would likely do well in, because that decides whether one would be happy about it or not.

Career is different from a job; a job is what one does at one point in life to make a living and in many cases, just for the sake of doing it. On the contrary, career is the combination of all jobs that one holds in one’s entire lifetime.

One may think that they like to do something and may choose to work in that area, making a career in it, but they may later realize that they were mistaken and liked to do something else. They would probably succeed in another work area than the one they have chosen to work in. This is when dissonance begins and dissatisfaction starts to show up. This is when people do a job just for doing it, without any excitement for it and without any joy.

Some people think that work is supposed to be serious and no fun is possible at work. This is wrong; in fact, the opposite is true. Work is supposed to be fun and just seriousness would make it short of life. For making it lively and of high quality, one needs to enjoy what they do at work. From the work nature to work environment and colleagues, everything plays an important role in making one feel happy about what one does.

In addition, one needs to be encouraged to work better, through rewards and recognition. While all of this is true, the most critical part of all this is the choice of career. When one begins the career choice process, it is necessary that they give importance to what they like and what they don’t.

For this, one needs to use the tools of decision making, which include brainstorming and mind mapping. They need to note down all the things they have done in their life that have made them happy and satisfied, without any bias and without anyone’s intervention. They need to do this all alone and ask themselves what they like and what they don’t, instead of seeking suggestions elsewhere. Yes, after one has noted down points and knows what one likes, these points can be used to seek suggestions from experts, to know what they can do in those areas.

Mind mapping is the visual representation of thoughts and ideas. It helps a person identify ideas that are otherwise difficult to identify. The most important benefit of mind maps is that one can collect one’s thoughts and represent them visually, without forgetting anything and without mixing one’s thoughts. With such mind maps, one can also identify what career they should choose, based on what they like to do, what they have enjoyed doing and would likely enjoy doing for the entire lifetime.

By following these, it is possible to choose a career that is fruitful, as well as satisfying. So, the key to a bright and satisfying career is the choice of correct career.