Wealth and Health or Health and Wealth

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On Wednesday at 10:15AM October 13th, my body was intact with no parts missing. At two AM, Thursday October 14th, I awakened in someone else’s bed. Lahey Hospital’s. At 3AM, I sat in a large leather reclining chair (I tried wheeling it to my car, but the nurses stopped me) giving thanks for thoughtful and caring friends. Exactly 24 hours after the anesthesiologist put me under, I stood in my kitchen with a catheter and one rather important body part missing. Boy, that all happened rather fast!

The sequence of doctor’s visits, surgery, and follow-up force me to ask, “what matters?” Our wealth or our health? You might think, “Health, of course!” Someone else might reply, “Wealth; my health will take care of itself if I have plenty of money.”

Health never takes care of itself. All kinds of stuff goes on under the skin that needs attention. Overlooking, procrastinating, disliking doctors will not slow-down the creeping effects of cancer or other ailments. Prostate cancer kills. Men need to take careful steps to protect themselves. Actions may not ward off cancer (they did not for me); they will allow time to manage it quickly and wisely. Most men just do not get it.

I get many questions, “What did they do?” “Did they take part of your prostate or all of it?” Is it a “prostrate” or a “prostate”? What is a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test? Each question is loaded with nuance and fear. This newsletter permits my sharing some valuable thoughts and suggestions. If you like wealth, you better become responsible for your health.

Here are suggestions and observations about prostate cancer. Just the same, knowledge and action encourage a healthy prognosis.

Facts men and women should know

*8 men out of 10 will die with prostate cancer, but not from it

*Get an annual physical (I started them at age 25)

*Request a Prostate Specific Antigen test. Read about it here: http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Detection/PSA

*Pay attention to your PSA levels (mine accelerated to 3.9 quickly

*Your doctor will perform a DRE; don’t resist. If “DRE” does not ring any bells, ask your doctor

*If a biopsy becomes the next step, be sure to take what they prescribe before the procedure; I forgot; it hurts

If you must have the prostate removed; check on multiple options (I met with three specialists at three hospitals.

*Proton Beam Therapy: [http://www.llu.edu/proton/]

*Davinci laparoscopic surgical method;


*Laparoscopic surgical method: http://www.prostate-cancer.org/education/localdis/brosman_RP2003.html

For the sake of the body, keep head and heart with:

*Faith: the essence of hope

*Family: the essence of encouragement

*Friends: the evidence of how many care

Learn more:
*”Unlocking Secrets of Longevity” – Read about the “Blue Zones” http://www.bluezones.com.
*Dr. Patrick Walsh’s Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer

Men know more about the stock market than their bodies. An ancient text reads, “We are fearfully and wonderfully made.” The outcome of our choices may be answered by our priorities: Health and Wealth?…or…Wealth and Health?

Ray Randall serves clients as a registered investment advisor with his firm, Ethos Advisory Services, Essex, Massachusetts Ethos Advisory Services. He has wide experience within the financial services industry, writes a weekly newsletter for Ethos Advisory Services [http://www.ethosadvisory.com], and coordinates the developments at Echievements.com [http://www.echievements.com] Ray holds a Masters Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Hamilton, MA. You may call Ray (617-275-5565).