Vance Granville Community College Offers Quality Technical Education and Lively Campus

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Founded by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1969, Vance Granville Community College is also known as Vance County Technical Institute. It was christened Vance Granville Community College in the year 1976. Well known for its high quality technical education, the college also offers a lively campus for its students.

Brief Background

Popularly referred as VGCC, the college offers multiple certificates, diplomas, and degree programs. Students have the option of selecting from out of nearly 40 study programs for predation for the entry level jobs or further education. At the same time the students have the option for enrolling for evening classes either on a full time or part time basis. Study programs are offered in three main divisions namely arts and science, business and applied technologies, and health science.


With main campus in Vance, and subsidiary campuses in Granville, Warren, and Franklin counties, the college provides a bookstore containing all curriculum books and study materials. VGCC Civic center is the best facility on the campus hosting events like exhibitions, conventions, receptions, and banquets. Live concerts and social festivals are the highlights of over a dozen student run clubs and organizations.


Open admission policy is followed by the college. Applications from high school graduates are accepted. Individual counseling and career guidance is offered by the college for aspirant students. In addition the college also conducts aptitude test that helps the students to decide the course to be opted. For students that have completed their high school certificate through online education, they have to produce recognition of Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the United States department of Education. Applications for admission can also be submitted online.


Vance Granville Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as well as by the National association for the Education of Young Children.

Student Support and Financial Aid

Vance Granville Community College offers remedial services, academic and career counseling, PT cost defraying employment, on campus day care and library facilities among others as student support program. Various types of financial aids like federal, state, local, and institutional grants, scholarships, and student loans are also offered the details of which can be viewed on the state university website. Deserving candidates are also offered Academic Achievement award, Teachers Assistant Scholarship funds, Presidential Merit award, and Nurse Scholarship loans.

Vance Granville College is part of the North Carolina Community College System. With a diverse student population in each of its campuses, a variety of events and activities are offered in the college including facilities for obtaining online degrees and in campus degrees through variable tuition.