Ultrasound Technician Information: The Educational and Skill Requirements

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An ultrasound tech performs the role of scanning the bodies of patients with sound waves. The professional creates images that the physician can use to detect medical conditions, monitor medical conditions and/or assess the health of fetal in pregnant women. Therefore, they work directly with physicians and patients. Ultrasound technicians are also referred to as diagnostic medical sonographers or simply sonographers. They often specialize in abdominal sonography, obstetric & gynecologic, cardiac, vascular, breast or neurosonography. Many of these professionals are employed in medical centers, hospitals or private clinics.

Educational requirements

To work in this field, you require an associate degree in sonography. The associate degree programs take about 2 years. Furthermore, to practice as a sonographer, you can enroll for a bachelor degree program that takes 4 years. Professionals who are already working in the health care industry can consider a certificate program that takes 1 year. This gives the practitioner the opportunity to learn diagnostic medical sonography. Some employers provide on-the-job training to their workers who possess experience in other healthcare careers, such as nursing.

In any training program, several courses are taught including anatomy, patient care, basic physics, instrumentation, physiology and medical ethics. In addition, learners obtain supervised clinical training. Many of the employers opt to hire candidates who have acquired their training from an accredited program. The accrediting body seeks to determine the technician’s expertise in visualizing particular sections of the body. Ultrasound technicians who possess a wide range of credentials and specializations often have the best employment prospects and chances of promotion. Multiple specialties can advance your opportunities to supervisory, administrative or managerial positions.

Ultrasound technician information details the educational and skill requirements. To obtain certification, the technician needs to pass 2 exams. The general examination includes sonography principles, equipment and physics, while the specialty examination is concerned with diseased or normal anatomy of the body organs.

Skills required for the job

To work effectively as a sonographer, you need to have certain characteristics. Considering you are expected to work on a one-on-one basis with patients, you need to have good interpersonal skills. In addition, you need to have good hand-eye coordination. You also need to be detail oriented. It is equally important to have good physical stamina because you will be expected to spend a greater part of your day standing. Good physical stamina will help you lift and move the patients.

On a typical day, you will be expected to keep patient records, prepare work schedules, maintain equipment, evaluate equipment purchases and manage the diagnostic imaging department or a sonography.