Qoo10, Lazada Carousell’s &Drop-shipping E-commerce Course Training experience

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My first impression of Q0010,Lazada Carousell’s &Drop-shipping E-commerce Course was very skeptical. I am an avid reader and I often attend trainings on matters E-commerce. The ever changing business world requires that players in this sector keep adapting to these changes. On the other hand, my line of work requires that I keep myself updated with everything in regards to the E-commerce world. It was therefore very delightful and convenient for me to learn about the monthly training on this subject held in Singapore, where I conveniently live. However, I was very open minded about the experience and ended up learning a great deal of useful tips.

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Let’s first Discuss Professionalism

Professionalism is beneficial to any business transaction. Training is essentially a business transaction where the trainees are the clients receiving the service of knowledge dissemination. Everything about the training was detailed in great and diverse forms of professionalism. For instance, the training started within the tie it was scheduled to and ended in the agreed upon time. Secondly, everything that was indicated in the planning pamphlet was delivered as indicated. Thirdly interruptions throughout the training were reduced to a minimum of zero. This allowed us to have an optimum amount of time to interact with the trainers and essentially gain as much as possible.

What Sets this Training Apart from Others

While trainings, especially about topics you are not interested in can be very boring, Q0010,Lazada Carousell’s &Drop-shipping E-commerce Course Singapore  is set apart by different factors. These factors are detailed below.

  1. Fact based approach to knowledge

Facts always prove to be more believable than theories that are not tried and tested. The training takes on this approach to knowledge and hence allows the trainees to greatly interact with the training material. In retrospect, this approach makes the training very enjoyable since it creates and elevates the expectations of the trainees.

  • Interactive set up

Each training session involved a few minutes set out for some Questions and Answers from the trainee. Unlike other trainings I have attended on the topic where it feels like a monologue with only the trainer involved, this training clearly gave thought into the opinions of the trainees.

  • Hands-on approach

While prescribing solutions in business is always a great place to start, actualization o these solutions can be very daunting and calls for hands on training on the matter. As with the interactive session, a workshop session was also set out to force participants into hands-on solutions to business problems. During the workshop, participants are allowed to discuss issues in groups to encourage synergy and brainstorming.

  • Practical solutions to everyday problems

Finding practical solutions to common problems can be a fairy tale. In fact, most trainings are designed such that they offer book solutions which tend to be very impractical to small businesses and those who are just beginning.

Final Take

The course was organized by Conversion Hub , a digital marketing company in Singapore.

From a well-versed point of view, the training was definitely more than I had imagined it would be. In retrospect, the reviews definitely do not give it the praise it deserves. By the end of the day, I did not only receive my money’s worth but also had a great time. However, I think the trainings should be scheduled for longer periods, great things should not be so short lived.