Leadership Skill Development

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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The leader is the person who leads the people to achieve some specific goals or mission in the particular, critical and tough situation. Some say that leaders are born but not made, then question arises that what the things are going to be made in this world? Every natural specie has some aspects to be an artificial alternative by the same analogy if there is something related to the born leader then there must be some aspects and chances to make some artificiality about the leaders and the leadership. So if someone says that leaders are born then the probability of creating leaders by Leadership Training cannot be ignored.

In my point of view nature has created some rules about the leadership, planning, management and skills. So some people follow these rules naturally but some can adopt or develop these kinds of rules in them. Then they will have some aspects near to the nature. Now I will like to comment on the leadership. Leadership has its own criteria. If someone fulfills the rules of the nature which are required for leadership then he is a leader. Many tips and tricks can be used to develop leadership skill inside a person. Here are my top ten tips and tricks about leadership development:

• Be a team player.
• Be a good jumper
• Be responsible
• Have good attendance
• Be patient when others are learning new tricks
• Demonstrate a willingness to teach others
• Listen when the coaches are talking
• Not “fool around”
• Work hard
• Show determination

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