IT Certification – 5 Most Desirable Certificates

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In present time having an IT certification can help an individual to push his resume to a next level in any of the IT organization, while getting a job. However, this is also true that the world of IT keep on growing and changing from time to time. Due to this reason IT Certification also keep on getting much better and upgraded for students. The more you will look into various Microsoft Certification, the more changes and new things you will be finding.Here in this article we will be discussing top five Microsoft Certification courses for IT professionals.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Certification:

This IT Certification is referred as the basic or the entry-level course and is beneficial if you are planning to enter into IT world. It offers an individual a foundation in the IT field and then prepares an individual for many other certifications of Microsoft.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification:

Having the PMP certification is helpful when you want upgrade yourself as project manager. It is one of the very popular certification and is likely to be needed for a long time. It makes an individual to manage, plan as well as reduce costs of IT projects in any IT organization. As an organization continues to do much more with very little, this skill becomes highly effective and valuable. It surely adds one key element to your resume.

MCSE Certification:

In past few years you must have came across the term “cloud”, especially if you are using any Smartphone. And now, Microsoft has released expert certification very much similar to CompTIA and the CCP’s Cloud certification. It is a new method related to electronic storage. Cloud computing has boosted up demand for IT professionals, who can create cloud computing solutions, monitor and manage them on various technological platforms.

VCP Certification:

Before jumping on Cloud, band wagon be sure to take the first step to certification, Virtualization. It is the strongest, most significant piece of Virtualization platform. And with the pace “Cloud” is gaining, it is must thing for the future Microsoft Certification that one should have. In order to get ready for the test, one required to attend the instructor-led training session by authorized training partner of the VMware.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification:

Other than latest “cloud” stuff, compliance and security remain two of the most vital functions in the IT and at the same time most challenging. CISSP certification can be described as one of the various security related job functions. It is also highly regarded and also highest salary paying certification.