Interior Design Sketches

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A Must-Have for Original Artistic Design in 2022

Interior Design Sketches is an essential tool for interior designers. This is how I communicate with the world my ideas. Interior design drawing is how I create my ideas. It is the art of transforming ideas into the right forms and proportions. This is the “Acid Test” – it tells you if your idea will look good in a 3-D space. This skill is rare and only top luxury interior designers use it frequently. In my sketching masterclass, I will share my knowledge. This post will explain what interior design is all about. It will also highlight the different methods used by both professionals and beginners. I will also explain why interior design concepts that are hand drawn are so important.

Interior design sketches don’t have to be beautiful drawings. Interior design sketches are a guarantee of authenticity and artistry in this age of online inspirations. You can be sure that your interior designer will sketch and create a unique design. When choosing an Interior Designer, interior sketching should be a consideration.

Hand sketching, despite being a common skill in today’s digital world, is still a rare and valuable skill. This skill takes many years to master. It’s not an easy skill to master. It’s more than just drawing – it’s also shaping beautiful forms onto paper. It’s a skill I teach in my masterclass on sketching.

Drawing is like cooking a meal. You have to season the food and taste it before you can serve it to others. Sketching is like seasoning. It’s about perfecting the idea.

The interior design process is not complete without a hand drawn plan. This begins with research and space planning. Every space in the house is usually drawn by me. It is a good idea to begin with larger angles that show the whole space. The main proportions are drawn and the story is revealed.

The next step is to sketch details. I like to refine details as I go along. Drawing the interior design concept by hand feels like solving a puzzle piece by piece.

Sketching interior Design Details

  • Detailed Interior Design Sketches end to be more precise and refined. It’s more than one drawing. Sketching a detail often means drawing it multiple times.
  • You have to experiment with different proportions and options until you find the right piece for your space.
  • Sometimes, it may be more unstructured. When inspiration strikes, I love to sketch quickly anywhere — on the side or in my notebook.

The Collectible Value of Hand Drawn Interior Design Scans

High-quality drawings also have a high value. They are especially valuable if drawn by an interior designer. They can also be very rare, which increases their value. A great addition to any art collector’s collection is an interior design sketch.

Take, for example, the original interior design of the house.

Hanging it up on the wall (before construction). It would be similar to the artist’s signature on an artwork. It’s a kind of architectural certificate of authenticity.

There are many methods for interior design sketching. It all depends on the method used, the accuracy required and the purpose.

  • Quick Drafts for the Go

These sketches can be very helpful in capturing an idea quickly. These sketches are very important as good ideas can quickly disappear. You can use any item you have at hand, including a pen, pencil, paper, or a piece of newspaper. They are very useful when I am presenting a brief idea to clients or contractors. They are a testament to the creativity of an interior designer.

It can be daunting to live sketch in public. A while back, I wrote about how you can deal with stress while sketching in public. Here are some tips for interior design sketching beginners.

  • High Quality Presentation Drawings

These sketches are usually used in client presentations. These sketches are more detailed and include more colour. However, precision levels can vary. Because it is more artistic, I prefer to sketch by hand. However, I have done very precise drawings with a ruler. It all depends on the client.

  • Pencil Drawings on Regular Papier

I draw most of my sketches on regular, lightly textured paper. To get fine details, I use a thin 0.5mm HB pencil. Once I have completed the entire drawing, I add a soft 2B pencil to the edges. This is better for thick, dark Interior Design Sketches lines. 2B is my “cherry-on-top” pencil grade. It’s perfect for finishing touches.

  • Tracing Paper – Pen Drawings

Pen on tracing is a great technique for interior design sketches. I added a layer of tracing papers to the top of my pencil sketch and used a pen to trace it. Because the shapes below are already pre-made, the pen lines become more dynamic.

You might run into problems when you colour. The lines of the pen can be smudged by colour markers. It’s easy to fix this: apply the colours on either side of the trace paper. This trick was taught to me by architects.

  • Use markers or watercolours to colour and shade

Sometimes I add colour to some sketches. It is much easier to decide the interior’s colour scheme and material scheme. This helps you determine the right balance between light and dark. I use watercolours or Interior Design Sketches markers. I find markers easier to use and more efficient so I use them more. You can also colourize the drawings in Photoshop.