Human Rights Violations in the World – US Prisons

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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Recently a socialist thinker emailed the Online Think Tank to complain about the human rights abuses in the United States and indicated the percentage of our population in US Prisons. In reality, the United States is such an open and free-society that it attracts folks of low integrity to a life of crime – easy pikens.

Indeed, they showed us a chart comparing the US to other nations and the number of folks in prison. Well, I am here to explain that figures lie and liars figure – it appears that the biggest culprits are Socialist organizations, which have an agenda in the reports that they put out on this subject.

Did you know that 65% of all those in prison in AZ, TX, CA, NM are illegal aliens, they are Mexico’s criminals which came here. This number is growing in all US Prisons. Unfortunately we need a “shoot to kill” policy on our borders, which no one wishes to talk about until which time the PRI fixes their problems with corruption and Mexico fixes their crime challenges.

Secondly, the biggest human rights violation was the attack on the World Trade Towers, which killed innocent civilians going about their day. Further, any nation state that supports International Terrorism should be held fully accountable. Therefore we must act. We must hunt down the criminals, where ever they are on this Planet period.

Those who attack our Justice System, who do not live in our nation, need to wise up and look at other parts of the world, like China and discuss the human rights there before attacking the policies we voted for here in the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind! My name is Lance Winslow and I thank you for listening.