Has Your Career Flat-Lined? Four Benefits of Using a Career Coach

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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Do you find yourself stuck in a rut and your career does not seem to be evolving. Numerous professionals are unsatisfied with the direction of their career and the advances in skills and knowledge they have made; but don’t understand how to make the changes needed to grow professionally and advance within the ranks of an organization.

This is especially true in the Construction, Engineering and Environmental industries, where specialization by technical discipline and projects shape your career. Using a career coach can get you excited about working again and assist you with learning the skills needed to evolve your career in new directions. Here are four benefits of using a career coach to advance your career.

1. Find Direction and Solutions: It is easy to lose sight of your career goals when you have been doing the same thing majority of your working life. A career coach can interact with you to determine your core skills, accomplishments and working desires.. Considering these, the coach will think outside of the box to find fresh career options. It’s easy to go about your day-to-day job thinking that it’s all you are qualified to do. For example, if you have been a superintendent for the last 10 years, you may not think management is an option. A career coach can assist in giving you direction and finding your natural managing and leadership skills. By knowing that you hold these skills, you will have the confidence to reach for the higher positions. Lastly, your coach will create a career advancement plan as a road map to your success.

2. Research Prospective Employers: Not every company offers the ideal position for your situation or skills. Each company has a unique mission statement and a wide range of clientele. Some companies depend on in person interactions while others work behind the scenes. Say you are someone who works better independently; you wouldn’t be comfortable in an environment that depends on group projects. You don’t have time to research every companies’ mission statement and corporate culture. A coach will educate you on how to properly search for jobs. You will learn how to find jobs, what keywords match your working style, as well as discover career opportunities that are not listed on typical job boards or websites. Keep in mind that not every company posts openings on the popular search engines. Many of the fastest-growing industries, such as environmental and engineering, rely on personal networking and social media to find potential employees. It is important to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. This is extremely significant for a construction, engineering or environmental professional; which your coach can assist you with.

3. Job Interviewing: Your career coach will prepare you for interviews. Your first interaction with a company is the most important. Learning what types of questions are asked, and the response employers are searching for will give you an edge in the selection process. You will most likely go through several mock interviews with your career coach, which will help you stay calm and confident during the interview. The Construction, Engineering and Environmental industries are fairly dynamic, so it is important to research the company to learn their core services, projects and needs. Employers remember the applicants who show initiative by asking about the company. It shows them that you are serious in your job search.

4. Salary Negotiations: It is important to research current salary trends before accepting an offer. For example, Engineering salaries vary drastically based on expertise and certifications. Your coach will work with your in determining a fair salary. You will also learn communication skills to negotiate with a potential employer or HR department.

Using a career coach is your best option to find the career of your dreams. Use their professional skills to benefit your job search and prepare you for advancing your career to the next level.