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On a continuous basis, we’ve got professional numismatic agents in attendance whatsoever top coin auctions and traditions, saving you the time, energy and cost of traveling, in addition to the cost and risks of safety to prevent potential theft.

Computer-linked the extremely hard-working numismatic buying programs that government, our whole group combines the most recent technology to our request and buying customs. The blend of expertise and cutting-edge technology empowers First Fidelity Reserve to supply our customers with extremely competitive supplies when selling, in addition to timely acquisition opportunities appropriate to their unique objectives.

After all this time in the company, serving thousands of consumers in collecting and investing trades, First Fidelity Reserve comes with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which speaks to our continuing dedication to customer satisfaction. In brief, for over 20 decades, First Fidelity Reserve has had the distinct pleasure of providing excellent support, insightful evaluation, and thorough consultation to our global client base of rare coin collectors and investors.

That year, the American people were extremely excited by how the US Mint was more minting silver and gold. With much more than the simple conclusion, encouragement from family and friends, and a bit of money from shareholders, First Fidelity Reserve started its journey on its long road to victory.

Additionally, to better serve our customers, seven years ago we built a brand-new facility uniquely suited to our requirements and merged our whole operation into one complicated. Ever since that time, we’ve doubled our sales, support and numismatic personnel to improve and enhance the comfort we supply to our roster of customers.

This vast industry expertise dedicated to serving the unique needs of our clients, collectors and investors alike. As a consequence of our diligent support commitment, we’ve become among the most significant and most respected rare coin traders in the country. Ultimately, all transactions you will run with First Fidelity Reserve are stored in the strictest confidence to keep and safeguard our customer’s financial privacy.

This, they commenced to concentrate and reception as the Market Maker in sparse and approved United States coins, including Type II and Type III Liberty Double Eagles, the historical 3 Indian Princess and the famed Indian Head layouts of early 1900’s, in addition to essential date numismatic paintings from the Silver and Gold American Eagle people of diamonds, amongst others. While all of its rivals were selling every coin available on the current market, First Fidelity Reserve understood by integrating a more laser targeted strategy to valuable metals; it might offer its customers the comfort of a long-term plan without needing to worry about each down and up the raw metals marketplace may survive.

To continue the instruction and informational assistance required by our customers, we supply award-winning info in the entirely free newsletters and books which keep our customers informed on the relevant historical background and current trends that shape and affect the valuable metals and rare coin markets they’re part. By focusing on different regions of rare coins, they’ve been able always to provide their customers with a firmly focused approach, while providing support to the markets to the coins they urge.