Dire Need to Be on Par With Science and Technology

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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Science forms the basis of daily well being. It is a subject forming the core area of a number of other related topics. The significance of science is vast and it has its wings spread across multiple disciplines. Early acquaintance with science starts at a school level which on developing interest can be carried forward to a higher degree and even a doctorate. The core subject encompasses various aspects of life and is hence a necessity to be aware of the latest developments in this regard. Access to science and technological novelties is via the newspaper, television and on an interest level the work is published in journals also available online.

There is an urgent need for an extended interest in science & technology. The inclination towards the subject can be developed in children starting from a tender age. School education in this regard forms the foundation. At a secondary school level, the science syllabus is of due significance. The concepts and their explanation about the latest discoveries and inventions are important to make the pupil aware of the happenings around. The inclusion of these new updates in the study material as well a good knowledge transfer by the faculty takes the upper hand in this regard. When a student favors science, he/she can opt for higher education in the same. It is necessary to start with school students so we can build a bigger family for science & technology.

At the higher education level, a number of cracks have been observed. The fee being lump sum could be the spoiler. In addition, a failure in the infrastructure development as well as access to the novel technologies is failure as part of the Indian education system. With India today, we face a problem referred to as the ‘brain drain’. The simple explanation to this would be the loss of intellect. People prefer working in a different environment and work culture and rob India of its effort into shaping the individual for the purpose of the nation’s progress. Such loss affects different professions such as the teaching faculty; there is a lack of qualified scientific personnel. This is serious hindrance in trying to inculcate the significance of the stream for future generations.

In today’s world everything is based on technology. The occurrence of science & technology on a wide scale and in daily use makes it hard for people to appreciate. The smallest of findings like the cell phone comes in a variety of models to suit different people of different professions as well as their economical condition. The invention was a ground breaking one which revolutionized transactions and improved networking. A recent finding includes the invention of a life like robot which has the capacity to heal patients with a human touch. Studies in this regard have proven that the health condition have shown drastic progress over a period of time.

India is fast progressing. There is dire need to keep up with the times. With regard to older generations, every process like paying bills could be done only in person. However, the trend has changed and now is computerized. Knowledge of these necessary changes is important to function in day to day life and to encourage the younger generation to take up science by setting an example.