Improve Interpersonal Skills – Develop Your Communication Skills in the Workplace

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Interpersonal skills are about building self-confidence and growing relationships. It is also about how your manager and colleagues perceive you as a person which then plays a significant role in areas as minor as your daily general happiness at the workplace and as important as to how your career eventually unfolds. Effective interpersonal skills is a must at work.

Here are ten tips on how to improve your interpersonal skills.

1. Smile often. Few people want to be around someone who is always gloomy or in a melancholy state of mind.

2. Be appreciative. Generate enthusiasm and energy by keeping a positive mindset.

3. Be attentive to others. Observing and listening actively to what’s going on in other people’s lives assures them that you are constantly attentive and have a great emotional quotient when comes to dealing with people.

4. Help people connect. Encourage everyone to work together. Treat everyone equally without favoring anyone in particular.

5. Avoid participating in conflicts. It’s not considered the smart thing to do interfering in someone else’s conflict as it, more often than not, will only mar your reputation.

6. Communicate clearly. Effective communication enhances self-esteem, cultivates relationships while increasing our career advancement opportunities.

7. Be humorous. Don’t be afraid to be funny or witty and make others laugh.

8. Empathise with them. Empathy means denotes a deep emotional understanding of another’s feelings or problems, being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand how they feel.

9. No whinging allowed. There is nothing worse than an incessant whiner.

10. Give feedback and recognition. Appropriate feedback and sincere praise are necessary when evaluating performances.

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