Customer Service Skill Development – Part One

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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“Hello, this is Mike. How may I help you?” This is how I typically answer the phone from my business line. After that point it is my job to guide the call into a sale, customer support or allow callers to know more about what I do and how I can help. As A title searcher and on line profiteer it is my duty to provide a quality image and experience over the phone to allow the caller the ability to see why my services are the best possible solution to their property report needs. I feel there are skills that you need to have on the phone and communicating with potential new and established people. I can say it for most business models are centered around customer care I would rather the focus be on customer service.

While it is true some funny people do call some not to bright and some just having to much time on their hands. There are even a few lonely folks in the world if they catch sight of a new phone number they’ll call and take up some of your time. What I would like to focus on today is how to provide quality customer service from a sales perspective. Because the bottom line of the home based business that you have depends on continued sales revenue. In fact some of the crazy calls can be turned into an audio eBook that you can market on line. Hmm it might be a good idea, anyone interested just call I give good phone.

Let’s talk about that “Good Phone” what is that? Well I think it is when you have an understanding of the English language and that you not only can speak to the caller in an intelligent manner, but also on the callers level by matching their feel. That is to say, the pace of the caller and knowing when to be direct or how giving a non answer will draw more information out so you have a chance to get the caller hooked on services. I also firmly believe that after you qualify a prospect that you educate them as to why your services are going to work.

I will give honest and insightful messages that highlight the positives of my products and services. Throughout the conversation I let them know what I can do and tie it what the prospects needs are and if they are not qualified I still build brand awareness (they may have friends that qualify) then send them on their way. More people than not have thanked me for being honest and letting them know I can not work for them and why they’ll tell a friend about that quality bit of customer service I showed them, guaranteed!

In Part 2 I will go over some of the foundational skills that you need to work on over and over again to generate more revenue and build skill in using a phone as one of your strongest weapons.

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