Certifications: Facilitating Better Careers in the IT Industry

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Many would like to make it to the top in the famed IT world. The top companies around the world are those who have used the internet and other computer related automation to enhance productivity and market competence. There are many fields into which a person can get into when speaking about information technology as a profession. Everyone has some or the other basic knowledge of computers and internet. It is high skills that are in demand in the industry. Many obtain high skills through their college studies. Yet find it inadequate to obtain a well paying job.

Companies on the other hand are churning out newer products daily and a person who has passed out a few years ago may soon feel the irrelevance of their studies. The IT environment has undergone a sea change with the old market leaders no longer in the picture in the following decades. Aspiring IT professionals, IT managers and even experience IT professional all ask the same question; how do we retain our relevance in the present scenario? Major corporations and independent bodies have come up with an answer that is Vendor specific as well as vendor neutral certifications.

The oft assumed fact that certified professionals are better than others is a misnomer as experience in the field teaches more than what a certification can. Yet for all certification hold the sway in the present job market. Popular certifications in networking are MCSA Microsoft certified Systems Administrator, MCSE: Microsoft certifies systems Engineer, CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNE: Cisco certified network Engineer, CCNP: Cisco certified network professional, Network plus from CompTIA, SCNA: sun certified network Administrator, and CCIE: Cisco certified inter network expert. There are many other certification like CNA: Certified Novell Administrator, Linux certifications etc.

The question that would immediately turn up in a persons mind is which certification is better? Assuming the quality of a certification is difficult and its worth can be discerned only in relation to your needs. However Microsoft and Cisco are the most sought after certifications as their hardware and software dominate the industry the world over.

Some important facts for you to pay attention to are

o Certification with out a focus and planned career is useless.

o Certifications can enhance your value in your career.

o Knowledge and experience help you in your work and not the certification.

o Certification is not the only means of the employer to evaluate your performance.

o Certification does not guarantee you a job.

o Certification does not guarantee higher pay.

o Certification will not have nay value if it does not enhance your as well as the organizations productivity.

o Certifications are not necessary for a career. You do not need a network administration certification to become a network administrator.

o Certifications require commitment in addition to money and time.

Before making a decision on certifications here are a few things you need to think about. What is the need of companies that are hiring in and around your area? Are you interested in a certification and are willing to relocate if you do not get jobs in your area? Are you interested in a career as a programmer or in networking? Once you answer these questions you are ready to make your choice or certification and pursue it as your career goal.

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