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Mother Nature has always pampered us with the best elements that we need to live a healthy lifestyle. From best air quality to pure water, there is everything in the atmosphere for a peaceful life. However, pollution caused due to several reasons has deterred air, water, and even the soil leading to innumerable diseases. Still, we have the best solutions to save our health from hazardous health conditions, and you can acquire it from nature itself.

There are several medicinal plants used to treat common ailments. Not all health issues require a medical checkup and medicines. The plants with medicinal benefits can cure common problems like headaches, colds, and more. These plants can be consumed in many forms such as teas, garnishing in dishes, and added as an essential oil.

It’s essential to check with the doctor before consuming the plants as some individuals may be allergic to the plants. A word from a doctor would do more good, so ensure that you consult a healthcare service provider.

For now, you can check out the best medicinal plants available in the market that you can grow at home effortlessly.

Basil plant

Basil plant is the first and foremost herb that you should consider, as it inculcates numerous medicinal benefits. From garnishing the dishes to increase the flavor of meals, the plant can be consumed in many ways. The goodness infused in the basil plant can help treat various ailments like fever and diabetes. The plant is rich in vitamin K and iron that lets you use the herb for medicinal benefits.

The plant can boost your immunity, metabolism and also improves digestion. Moreover, antibacterial properties can keep the viruses at bay. The basil plants are a rich source of antioxidants, and you can consume them for strong bones and liver.

Catnip plant

If you wish to buy these plants with the best benefits, then catnip is one plant you must consider. There are numerous perks in using catnip plants. The catnip plants infuse thymol and nepetalactone, which is suitable for cats as well. The catnip plants are effective in relieving stress and anxiety. You can burn the leaves to exude aroma, and the leaves can provide relief from bug bites.


Garlic can prevent many diseases, and of course, vampires do hate garlic. Buy the medicinal plant to battle against infection; consuming garlic has numerous benefits like managing cholesterol and also ensures that the health condition is good. Garlic also improves the taste of the dishes by several notches. Above all, garlic incorporates innumerable health benefits when consumed raw. To control cholesterol and blood pressure, you can consume garlic, and it also improves digestion.


Lavender has a renowned scent, and a soothing fragrance calms the nerves. You can also have lavender tea after an exhaustive day. Lavender tea can ease tension and reduce stress. There are so many benefits as it can relieve headaches and migraines. The lavender flowers are used to brew tea and also used as an essential oil.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is yet another name that many people consider when they want to buy medicinal plants. If people are under a lot of stress, then the health conditions can deter, and it is vital to relieve stress whenever possible. The lemon balm can relieve stress and anxiety. You can either add the leaves to tea or garnish dishes. You can quickly grow the plants, and most plant lovers prefer lemon balm as they inculcate innumerable health benefits.


Marigold is a good option as these vibrant flowers have many health benefits. Primarily, the plant is used for soothing skin diseases, and it also nourishes the skin. Other benefits like ear infection, strengthening eyes make it desirable.


If you have a common cold or headache, try going for the medicinal plants you have at home. The medicinal plants are easy to grow, and there are numerous benefits in every part of the plant. From the stem to the flower’s petals, the medicinal plants are nitty-gritty in every home. If you are planning to grow the plants at your home, follow the plant’s care guidelines. Also, try organically growing the plants.