Business & Family Safety and Health Rating

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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For good reason, practically every endeavor in life is rated. I’ve seen ratings on who or what’s #1 in business, industry, NFL, NBA, MLB, person of the century, athlete of the century, technology, restaurants, university, neighborhoods, travel destination, best looking, best movie, best book, etc. It doesn’t stop. In fact, there are multiple ratings for the same #1 spot because of varying value systems. Of course, each of us has our independent rating to see if it’s in agreement with the masses, the experts, or promotional efforts.

Here’s a rating I haven’t seen that applies to business and family. What is the safety and health rating of your business and family? To take it further, how does your business and family rate in respect to others for improvement? It could be separated by many categories. My point is, with high safety and health levels all good endeavors are made possible. Therefore, safety and health needs to be rated.

I know several employees who have taken drastic measures (resigning) to alleviate a personal or family problem because they didn’t feel comfortable and confident the employer would help resolve the problem. Case one, a family member became ill and the employer and employee did not discuss work solutions during this difficult period. Possible solutions could have been talking through this situation, working from a home office, working part time, extended time off, or taking a leave of absence. Case two, an employee became very ill because for years he received special recognition but was not promoted. There seemed to be no known process in place to steer his career and ensure success. Case three, a newlywed’s husband went out West for a one year job assignment and she wanted to go with him. The employee was able to talk with her employer and work out West for a year while living with her husband. The employer provided all the essentials for her to do her job remotely. In two of the cases a health problem precluded an employer and employee from considering options because of perceived ideal employer and employee relationship. An employer and employee lost a “good working relationship”. In case three, the employee is still working for the employer years later. If there was a safety and health rating, all three cases could have been an opportunity to develop loyalty and show the employer cares.

What’s the level of your safety and health (individual(s), corporation, association, organization, etc.)?

Consider these metrics (use a 0 to 10 (best) or 100% (best) rating for each) and total:

o Are you getting along with others to develop/grow relationships and do more good?

o Are you having fun?

o Do you know the medical health of each individual in your business & family?

o Are you promoting employees?

o Are you generating genuine enthusiasm for each employee?

o Do employees and customers show enthusiasm?

o Do employees know the health of each other at work to give support?

o Are you setting up (positive encouragement, training/educating) colleagues and customers for more success?

If the total average does not equal 10 or 100%, then there is need for improvement. Diversify (try something new) to stimulate employees to perform at a new best level.

Improve your business and family safety and health rating to new levels. You might live life forever and you’ll be able to be with family, friends, do good work, pursue new interests, and help someone achieve similar success. Call or e-mail me to validate how this rating affects your business and family.