Atrocities of War in Iraq – Utter Disregard of Human Rights

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Written By RobertMaxfield

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The price of war is not calculable and atrocities of war are not unknown. The 1949 Geneva Conventions prohibit “outrages upon the personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment” against any detainee. However, what’s happening in Iraq is the rarest of rare and puts big question mark on the face of humanity. Reports and video recordings from different sources show how soldiers are being abused by terrorist groups in Iraq.

Though in wars atrocities and abuses are not new, in a manner the soldiers from U.S. and its ally countries are being abused, tortured, and killed every next day, is unheard and bizarre. The brazenness with which these terrorists from different groups operating in Iraq are torturing and killing soldiers suggests they want to prove that they don’t have any respect for humanity.

War in Iraq is different in many aspects. However, the most noticeable and most painful one is the open and shameless violation of human rights. In the way terrorist groups are operating in Iraq leaves no space for human rights and shows utter disregard of humanity.

The video clips released by terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Al-Ansar, and others features very painful and miserable condition of soldiers and civilians in Iraq. There are reports of incidents on how these insurgent and terrorist groups are operating and handling their operations in Iraq, are abusing soldiers.

These videos are very disturbing that involve abuses that US soldiers are undergoing and the suicide attacks on US army camps in different places of Iraq. In one such video clip it’s shown that terrorist leaders are praising those who killed these US soldiers.

There are clips showing terrorists beheading soldiers, holding these heads of dead soldiers, bodies of abused US soldiers covered with blood. To humiliate soldiers their genitals are exposed. In many scenes it shows that even the dead bodies are being abused.

In another video by Al Qaeda shows the bodies of two US soldiers being dragged behind a truck and then set on fire. Below the graphic footage is a subtitle it says “It’s the retaliation for an alleged rape of a young Iraqi woman by US soldiers”.

The price of war in Iraq that these US soldiers and their allies are paying is not computable. It’s the utter disregard of Geneva Conventions which says “torture or inhuman treatment” is a war crime.

Even the report from Amnesty International-global human rights watch dog, suggests that under the shadow of these tortures and Iraq war abuse, an already fragile condition will further worsen and that lead to no immediate solution for Iraq problem.